Thursday, April 26, 2007

Magic Happens, Fuckers.

So I'm at the club dancing. When I'm not dancing with my eyes closed I look around occasionally to check that everyone is having a good time. Smiles usually pass between strangers and it a good vibe. I notice this one girl who's dancing around a lot. I think you tend to hang out where the vibe feels good, so it's all pretty cool.

Some time later I sit down for a rest and after a couple of minutes the girl comes over and sits down beside me. "What's happening?" she asks. We have a bit of a chat and I notice that she is young and very pretty. Guy on the other side of me is someone I know but wouldn't call a friend. He leans across and offers the girl some beer from his glass. She looks less than impressed. I know what she means.

There's a little bit more chat, but then I start to feel odd. Like maybe she didn't realise how old I was or something. Seriously, she's a babe in that earthy way I like and she's a lot younger than me. And I dunno, I just start to feel awkward. I say something about break over and stand up. She looks a little... something and I don't feel right, but I don't want to sit and talk any more. I go back to the dancefloor. I look around after a while and she's there, smiling and dancing and all is good.

But the next day I remember the moment and I don't feel right. I feel like I was rude. Like I snubbed her. Like I gave the impression that I didn't want to talk to her. I beat myself up about how rude I must have seemed. As recently as yesterday (four days later) I tell Ann that I know the girl probably doesn't think anything of it, but I hate that I might have seemed rude. I know I will probably never see her again but I kind of hope she's at another party because I'd like to show her that I am not rude, that I can be quite nice.

I don't know what drew her over but there was something, and fuck it, vibe is good. Vibe works. Vibe determines who will remain strangers and who will become friends.

Anyway, today I'm in the shop. Bad day. No customers. Except one. You know who it is. How cool is that? How utterly fucking cool. She walks in and says hello and I recognise her immediately. I let her browse a bit before asking if she needs any help. She shows no sign of recognising me, but I know it's her. I ask if she was at the party and yeah, she was, and we chat.

We spend the next half an hour enjoying a really easy conversation. It's weird... she chooses to hang around and we talk about travel and parties and the course of life. She laughs a lot. She's a pleasure to be around and really interesting and although she probably doesn't remember our first encounter in detail ("I was a bit spaced"), I get to make up for my rudeness.

Eventually she leaves and I don't bother asking her name or giving her mine because we may or may not meet again. She's a free spirit, a traveler. She might stay here for a while, she might not. But the thing is, I got my second chance to make her smile.

It put me in a good mood for the rest of the day because I love this kind of shit.

See? Magic happens, fuckers.


Nicholas Pickard said...

Cool post Mr Quick! It made my saturday morning...

Geoffrey said...

I hope you're right, Quick. I expect you are.

Quick said...

Thank you Mr Pickard. That it made your Saturday morning made my Sunday evening.

I think the amazing thing about it was that I am only in the shop a couple of days a week, and not regular ones. And she lives in Bondi, not Newtown, so the chances of it happening were pretty remote.

I hope I'm right too, Geoffrey.

Kathryn said...

Good stuff.

EmmaK said...

Such a beautiful story, uplifting. Also, interesting how we worry about the wierdest things, i.e. the girl did not even remember that you had been rude! Shows it's pointless worrying about the small stuff.

Quick said...

The small stuff is there for our minds to turn into big stuff.