Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Things We Do

For a while there it was looking very much like I was going to have to dash from the kitchen across the loading bay to the green room of the Sydney Opera House to interview a ballet choreographer whilst wearing my chef outfit. If you had told me at any stage in the past that such a thing could happen I would have bitch-slapped you for being so silly.

However we've managed to organise schedules so that we'll have a chat tonight over the phone whilst drinking a glass of wine.

I'm having a shit of a time deciding what to wear though.


Nicholas Pickard said...

Keep the dream alive and don that white hat and bordeaux coat for the phone call, Quick

Quick said...

Hah. That would be very silly.

Mind you I have on the odd occasion not been able to settle in and write because of what I was wearing. Bathrobe and socks are comfortable, but I just felt I had to get properly dressed before comencing.

I guess that's pretty silly too.

EmmaK said...

May I suggest white tights, a tutu and a pair of socks stuck down your crotch (by the way, ask the choreographer what exactly male ballet dancers pad their tights out with).

Margarita Milongita said...

Fluffy leg warmers of course..

Guyana-Gyal said...

I only hope, whatever you wore [or didn't wear] you remembered to switch on the tape recorder [if you needed to switch it on].

Quick said...

Emma - I asked. He said they use some stuff called schlong.

Right - so it's tights, a tutu, a pair of socks (or some schlong)and a pair of fluffy leg warmers. Perfect.

GG? Seriously, I'd rather not talk about it.

Chris said...

I always clean my teeth before an interview... even if it's a phoner. (Actually, especially if it's a phoner.) (Gets the red wine stains out... heh.)

Quick said...

Hello Chris. I've done that before too. Found myself furiously brushing, then stopped and looked in the mirror to mutter through a mouth full of minty foam, "Phucking idiot - it's a phoner."

Good to know the good ones do such things.