Sunday, April 01, 2007


I have been slack on the posting front, haven't I? Sorry about that. I think I am weening. I am blog- weening so that I can hold hands with someone on the other side of the world as we start to write our novels. May 1st. That's when we start. It's not a competition, just a motivational thing.

But I'm pretty sure I'll win.

I'll be back with something blog-wise in the next day or two. Meantime get familiar with this guy who has kindly asked for a bunch of really funny writers and me to babysit his blog. I don't know if my This Isn't This post will be as funny as this or as funny as the purple dog, but hopefully whatever I have contributed will be smirky. Smirky in a nice way.

Also, I just watched a movie called Suburban Mayhem. Australian thing that I'm unsure about. Problem is that the theme song is called Fuck Pig, and it's really catchy. So I keep finding myself belting out in a death metal voice, "Yeeeaaaaahhhh... I'm a FUCK PIIIIIGGGG!"

Hope it doesn't happen on the bus tomorrow.


Burrrd said...

I'm watching a programme about eunuchs. I like holding hands.

Quick said...

When did you become a random statement generator.

I've just made myself read that lots more times and it's really quite funny. I think you should say it to someone in the real world. When the lady in the shop is giving you the change for your brie, just stare at her and tell her that you are watching a programe about Eunuchs. You like holding hands.

Next time someone phones and asks if I am busy, that's going to be my reply.

Burrd said...

hmmmm brie.

This comment is brought to you by the BirdRandomCommentGenerator (TM)