Thursday, April 26, 2007

Comedy Perfection

This is one of the funniest things I've read in ages. Go to the link and scroll down through the comments to the anonymous one about Melissa Madden Gray and her alter ego the divine Meow Meow. It is comedy perfection. She is perfection. (I could have copied and pasted it here or simply told you about it, but if you're into the arts you may as well check out Chris Boyd's blog as well. Damn fine writing).

As you may or may not know, I'm in the process of writing a song for Meow Meow. Fun process that has had me listening to songs in a real way for the first time. Really breaking down their structure and looking at how they are put together, what makes them work etc. I did a draft the other day and it was excrutiatingly bad poetry that made me laugh quite a bit. I do like writing bad poetry.

Thing is, now it's evolved to the point where I can see and hear Meow Meow singing it and it has to be so much more than just bad poetry. Anything less than perfection just isn't good enough. I knew that draft wan't going to be it but I just wanted to get a start on anything because I've never written a song before. Another idea came to me yesterday and I think that might be it. Meow Meow might never read it, but bugger it. It's more fun than kittens.


Kathryn said...

Can you post some of your bad poetry?

Am curious...will you go to NYC to see the song performed? I highly recommend you go. Try to hold back from throwing yourself onstage. Bad form, that. Especially when security has to escort you off. I wouldn't know about that...ahem.

Quick said...

There is some of it on this blog from about a year ago when I was drunk in Barcelona. In the morning. Drinking more and wearing my beloved purple poncho. I will try to find it and link it or post it. (The poetry, not the poncho).

Re going to NYC to see the song performed... bloody hell, you are the shiniest optimist I am ever likely to encounter. I'll write the song, but like I say, the chances of it actually being performed anywhere are this big ''

There is nothing wrong with optimism though. Unless it's this big '