Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Eyes Wide Shut

Saturday night at the party was your perfect party night (for an indoor party). So many good people, so much good music.

However the highlight for me was missed by me. I didn't see it happen, just caught the tail end as my eyes were opened, and it has made me laugh.

I frequently lose myself in the music. Sometimes I like checking others out, other times I close my eyes and totally get lost in the music.

At one point this very cute girl decides to dance with me. She stomps and raunches and wiggles and smiles and is very hot and eventually wonders... why is this guy dancing with his eyes closed when I am doing all of this?

I open my eyes just as this very cute girl turns and stomps and wiggles and smiles her way to another part of the room.

The Dreaded One later tells me she thought about tapping me on the shoulder and telling me what was happening but it was just too damned funny.

Tee. Fucking. Hee.


Anonymous said...

Would have to loved to have seen it. I had a conversation with a work colleague the other day. While I was talking to her, the guy she works with found out that Dame Edna was a guy. So pissed that I couldn't see his face. Would have looked something like yours I imagine.

bohémienne said...

Aaaaah! And she wiggled and everything?