Thursday, August 16, 2007

Imagine Toi Review

Just a quickie - saw former Cirque du Soleil clown Julien Cottereau last night. What a magical performance it was. His style is a bit like the Umbilical Brothers (who were in the audience), a mime act with vocal sound effects, only where the Australian duo are full-blown slapstick comedians his act is one of charm and wonder. Hilarious stuff that makes you use your imagination to realise what he is doing with his imagination. I had been concerned about the number of kids in the audience but I soon realised that there are few sounds more pure and joyous and totally infectious than that of a child in raptures of laughter (yes I did say that AND meant it). This was a funny and warm experience and I left the theatre feeling more happy than I have in a long time.

I haven't managed to get review space for this one so I think I am going to start a separate theatre review blog after all.

Meantime, if you live in Sydney the show is on in The Playhouse, Sydney Opera House until September 1. Go see it.

PS, Update, longer review here.


bohémienne said...

That sounds absolutely wonderful. I'm sure I recall him from Cirque.

Geoffrey said...

I think another theatre blog is a great idea ... and who knows? It may lead you to some more cents per word opportunities just like it has for your peers.

quick said...

Bohemienne - sometimes you just gotta leave your cynicism at the door and let yourself be taken somewhere enchanting. Julien's your man for that.

Thanks Geoffrey. I'm thinking about it. I might do it just to see what happens. Meantime I'm happy to write for Drum and Australian Stage (and obviously anyone else who would have me).