Thursday, August 30, 2007

Groovy Day

I'm sitting here in my little shop on King Street and everyone who walks by looks kind of groovy. They've all got their groovy shoes on, there's a groovy little bounce in their walk, a groovy smile on their groovy lips as they talk to their groovy friends about groovy little things.

The goths, the emos, the grungies and the hippies and the skater dudes, groovy one and all. Even the bland ones today, somehow they've got a little bland groove going on.

It's like the radio man said, "Hey groovy people, wake up and get out of bed, and be as grrrroovy as you can because it's International Groovy Day."

And every one jumped out of bed and said hey yeah, let's get groovy today.

Makes me wish I hadn't slept in.


Guyana-Gyal said...

I slept in.

bohémienne said...

Oh, is today Groovy Day? Thanks for the warning! I almost missed it again!

quick said...

Sleeping in is the best GG... except when it makes you miss eclipses and Groovy Days.

Every August 30, Bohemienne. Put it in your diary.