Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Under A Blood Red Moon

Just over one year ago The Dreaded One and I had traveled to Turkey to see a full solar eclipse in a national park just outside Antalya. Tonight there was a full lunar eclipse in Australia that turned the moon red. Not sure if the red business happens during all lunar eclipses, but it was pretty special.

I thought I was going to miss the whole show because I was working, but I managed to slip out through one of the Opera House back doors and it was a great sight. I grabbed a couple of the Bangladeshi kitchen hands and an apprentice on the way so they could see the eclipse too. Loads of people were out there all looking up. The Bangladeshis chatted quietly in their language, English being a constant struggle, and after about 5 minutes one said to me, "Chef... what is happening?"

I explained what an eclipse was all about, pointed at the moon and then where the sun was (it obviously looked like I was pointing at the ground), I winged it about the redness and said it was some weird kind of light refraction phenomenon.

The kitchen hand looked at me blankly the whole time and half nodded when I stopped making words at him. We went back inside.

"That explanation," the apprentice said to me, "went so far over his head."

Guy probably thinks I'm totally mad.

Pretty moon though.


bohémienne said...

Ah yes... we could see about 80% here, where I am. 5:30 a.m. Argh. It was pretty, but I'm not sure it was worth how tired I have been all day as a result.

quick said...

Nah, you've got to check these things out when you get the chance. That's why nana naps were invented.

Guyana-Gyal said...

I missed some very rare thing happening to the moon the other night...there's the moon and it's reflection, so it looked like 2 moons. Man, I could kick myself, I'm so disappointed.

quick said...

Why were there two moons, GG? Never heard a factual explanation of that one. However it does turn red during a total lunar eclipse, which is apparently not all that rare.

Kathryn said...

My first night at Burning Man there was a lunar eclipse. It looked like a bouncy ball in the sky. Happened at the same time as the man burning on Monday night instead of Saturday. Madness.