Saturday, August 18, 2007


Although the shop has been a drag lately, it just rocks today. Today is the reason we stuck with it through tough times. It can be such a silly amount of fun. It's obviously good when it's been busy and there have been sales, but it's the other stuff that really makes it so cool. This week I chatted to a couple of Goths visiting from interstate who loved the shop, an emo girl with green hair who said she hoped the shop was not going to close, and a visitor from the suburbs of the Central Coast who was amazed that such a shop existed and walked around for ages like she thought she was on another planet.

Recently I had this conversation with a customer:

Him: So that's two expensive items I'm going to buy - will you give me a discount?

Me: No.

Him: Come on. Just knock ten bucks off.

Me: Why would I do that? You're going to buy them anyway.

Him: Yeah, but I just want a discount.

Me: You're an arsehole. I can sell them to someone else without giving a discount but in any case you're fully going to buy them regardless.

Him: Yeah but you're going to give me a discount anyway because you're a good guy.

We were laughing through all this and I gave him his discount and he left the store a happy customer, surprise gift for his girlfriend tucked under his arm. It was a funny little encounter that left me smiling - such a small discount that it obviously wasn't about the money. And I'll bet he'll be back.

Also, I've had Vancouverians in all week. They googled Sydney psytrance and discovered the shop and man do they love it. They've been back three times during the week, bought loads of clothes, shown me pictures from back home, brought friends to the shop, told me they're coming back with a CD they meant to bring to give to me... and while they're in the shop other customers I don't know tell me how sad they are that we're trying to sell the shop because they love it so much, a friend calls in and I tell him about Jocey falling over in the park and we stand there in the middle of the shop having a really good laugh, then plan to catch up for a beer at the party tonight.

I look around and realise that the Canadians are going to be at the party and they're going to have a blast and make loads of friends, and I know already that I am probably going to become a friend and that they are going to totally adore The Dreaded One... and this is a day at work.

The shop is empty now and I'm typing this while Sirius Issness is belting through the speakers, and I am really sad that we couldn't make the shop work. But I'm also pretty chilled about it because of the good parts.

Like, what other environment are you going to have someone walk up to you and say, "Hey Lee, this is my friend Ben. He's Megatron."

Days like this, I know that I am really, really going to miss the shop.


bohémienne said...

It sounds like an awesome gathering place... you're lucky to have had it, even if it didn't "work out".

Kathryn said...

And it is going to miss you, I'm sure. :)

quick said...

It is an awesome gathering place, Bohemienne, and yes, I am very lucky. It was a good adventure that will perhaps re-emerge in another form.

Kat - it's a shop. It doesn't have feelings. The mannequins and girliquins might miss me, but not the shop. Duh.

(Last night has made me very fluffy around the edges...)

Guyana-Gyal said...

I'll miss the shop stories :-( I'm really sorry the shop didn't work out.

Bird said...

I am sad the shop didn't work out. I remember the halycon days of nailing fluffy ducks to wooden spoons before the doors opened for the first time and hoardes of ravers walked in, wide eyed and open mouthed, and stared for hours at the pretty clothes. The wide eyes and open mouths may have been something to do with the night before tho. Sorry it's ending dude.

Bird said...

PS I have no idea what halycon days are. I mean halcyon, obviously

quick said...

Thanks GG. It was a source of some silly stories.

Hello Bird. I think your wings are still hanging on the wall. And sad? I'm fucking gutted. Especially after how cool it was last Saturday.

But fun has been had and lessons have been learned, so it's all good.