Thursday, October 30, 2008

Camille Is In The Spiegeltent

Long interfering work-days, they are poo. They get in the way of the real stuff. But I saw Camille at The Spiegeltent a couple of nights ago, and that was the real stuff. So far I think it is my favourite performance of the year. Perfect performance for that venue. I'd be happy to twattle on for a bit but I think the link I've given you perfectly captures the vibe of the show. The clip is, I think, a Nick Cave Song... although I thought at the time, based on the writing, that it was Tom Waits. I don't think I've heard the original. I think she handles it really well... catch the perfectly timed glints in the eye. Hard to believe she's a trained architect and not a trained singer. She's a total natural onstage.

As downbeat as this moment was in the show, there were plenty of upbeat ones as well, and some really funny sections where she played the crowd wonderfully. I loved this show and I loved that I saw it in the Spielgeltent. I almost don't want to go back and see any other performances because this was just such a perfect one. Also check her out and listen to some more here.

I have what I call Big Night moments. Years ago I was at the cinema watching a movie called The Big Night. It was about am Italian restaurant struggling to survive. The owners, a couple of brothers, were food purists sticking by their guns while restaurants all around them used gimmicks to pull business. These guys were passionate about their food and hoped that the quality of the food would be enough. Somehow a big star, a singer, I think, was due to eat at their restaurant and they knew that if word got out, this could swing business so they set about creating an extraordinary dinner.

There was a moment in the film that I realised it had sucker-punched me and I was really moved. I was moved by what was going on in the movie - there was lots of love, passion and celebration - but I was also moved by the look of the movie. Some of the shots were just gorgeous and I knew that a lot of passion had gone on behind the camera too. I'd been moved before by sad stuff in movies, but that was the first time I realised that I could be moved by someone really throwing themselves into something to create a thing of shining beauty.

So yeah, experiencing Camille in The Spiegeltent, I had several Big Night moments.

Hmm. I appear to have twattled on anyway.

And if there are tickets left I think I'm going to go along again tonight.

PS: Okay so I've heard the original now because it's there on the scrolly bit on the bottom of the youtube screen. Definitely Nick Cave but very Tom Waits too. Now go back to the scrolly bit and check out Camille doing Not In These Shoes. Brilliant.


Guyana-Gyal said...

Ah, there it is again, passion, creating things of shining beauty. How I wish more folks in Guyana believed in that rather than cursing everything.

I like those movies that don't have huge drama... instead, the drama is in the small details of every day living. [Not that I don't like the BIIIIIG dramas but I need a balance].

I'm waiting for youtube to download to listen...

Lee said...

Hmm. In Sydney it would be easy to believe that everyone is interested in money only, not beauty and art and creativity. But all the good stuff is there, you just have to find it. The people are there.

Weird world. Can't imagine what it's like in Guyana.

My memory of The Big Night is strong. It was that slightly choked feeling you get, when you are holding back a little cough of emotion... I just loved the thing. Felt it a million times since, I just remember that moment. I accepted it and went, okay - there might be times when I get things in the eyes because something is a bit wonderful.

Chris Boyd said...

Lovely clip. Ta for the link. (The song's on her EP.) Amused by your ignorance of The Cave Man. :P

C sang Tom's 'Misery is the River of the World' when I saw her late last month. (And a couple each by Brel, Cave and Bowie.)

I take it there's a Spiegeltent in Sydney at the moment?

Lee said...

My ignorance would be a constant source of amusement for you, Chris. I spread my interests wide and thin.

There's been Spiegeltent on the Forecourt of The Big Pointy Building these past few weeks. My only real complaint is that they didn't put more into the look of its surrounds. It's all steps and cobblestones of the Opera House and suddenly a quirky tent... bit like the Tardis being dropped somewhere incongruous.

Still, it's what goes on inside that counts.

Y said...

I loved Big Night. Haven't seen anything in the Spiegeltent yet! If only I was more organised..

Lee said...

Y, I can't imagine you being anything other than organised.

See something in the Spiegeltent. Indulge. It's what life's about.

Y said...

Lee, I'm organised about certain things and not others. Not enough head space for everything, I'm afraid.

Lee said...

You can buy extra head space at Dick Smith.