Thursday, October 23, 2008

A View Of Concrete

Fun day today. I got a buzz out of stuff.

Started off the day doing a phoner with Damian Walshe-Howling, the guy pictured who played Benji in the hugely successful crime thriller mini series Underbelly. Chat went well, I think, and the story should be good. He came across as a bit like Brendan Cowell - no bullshit kind of person , articulate and intelligent and passionate about story-telling. I like this kind of people. I wish there were more of them.

I also think I've got tix to The Burlesque Hour at The Spiegeltent, currently on the forecourt of The Big Pointy Building. I am excited about this. I thought I'd missed out. I'm happy and grateful that I haven't.

And after doing a cocktail function for about 500 people tonight, I came home feeling tired and a bit bleh but a movie came on called Morvern Callar. Holy crap, what a totally good movie. I really enjoyed it. The shots... the storyline... the most realistic portyal of the state of mind you can be in when in a nightclub... just a really fucking good movie.

Also sent my short story Leaving Ruben Jane off today. Hope that one sees print some day.

Right. It's just about snowing here which is ridiculous. The wind is howling and it's freezing... what is going on?


isabelle said...

Oh I would so love to go to a proper burlesque show , and the Spiegeltent looks amazing. I saw something similar at Womad one year , all glass and wood, it just takes you back to some bygone age,a sort of silent movie feel.

( sometimes I wish I lived in a big city )

Pure Gin! said...

ha ha it's going to be something like 25 degrees here today. pfft.

Lee said...

The Spiegeltent is going to be amazing, I'm sure Isabelle. It does look a little... um... little set up just outside the Sydney Opera House, but it looks quirky like a time traveling circus. And The Burlesque Hour is the perfect act to see there.

Still haven't made it to Womad. Impressed that you have. Wonder how you ended up there.

I can't imagine not living in a big city... except for when I'm away from them for a bit.

Gin - you Melbourne people with your fucking smug weather pfftness can just bight my frost-bitten arse. Ya bastards.

Pure Gin! said...

it was 30 degrees today. It's almost 1am and still 25 out there.

Lee said...

Gin - you are a total weather geek (with sensational taste in music).

It's warmed here nicely also. I think yestereve's Melbourne weather is Sydney's afternoon weather.

(I've recently been interested in yesterday and last night, last day, yesternight, etc).