Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Horse Dreaming

I have a post coming soon about band riders (that wish list of stuff they have delivered to their changeroom). But first, this...

Weird dreams lately. Last night I had this really vivid one of someone coming to the front door of my house (not my real house now, but it was my house in the dream) riding a horse. The door was open and the horse wanted to come in, which it did minus the rider. It was a bit restless and stompy and agitated but I took it and calmed it and lead it from one end of the house to the other. It was surreal and strangely cute. So weird to have such a large animal inside the house. It seemed happy and curious. We got to the back door and I lead it up some stairs and back onto the road outside where the horse's rider ran up and climbed back on. I was left feeling amused by it all.

Just a few minutes ago I looked up dream symbols and found this about horses: "The Horse is a very strong dream symbol. It represents death."

Just like that. Way to give me the willies, dream people.


Y said...






You feeling okay these days, Lee? :)

isabelle said...

gosh , dreams are so weird sometimes.
I wouldn't worry though, if your horse was happy and curious I'm sure it's a good sign.
(Last night I dreamt of some strange chairs with candles along their backs and a lady embroidering a wooden table!? )

Lee said...

Feeling fine, Y... I'll just be damned if I let any horses in the house. Horses are scary people.

I'm not so sure the horse was happy now, Isabelle. Now I'm thinking he was just curious... just, you know, scoping the joint. Joint being me. Seeing what was his for the taking. Deathy bastard.

Your dream sounds weird, yes, but did you look it up and find the interpretation of candle-back chairs and old ladies embroidering wooden tables is a symbol of death?

Willies, I tell you.

Kathryn said...

Whoa. That's freaky. Dreams are crazy...funny how they can really affect you.

Pure Gin! said...

I don't know about the "death" thing. I used to have a re-occuring dream when I was little about a horse, who came with me everywhere. It was such a strong dream that the horse then became my imaginary friend for a couple of years. Now, sometimes I see things that remind me of him, and I think back at the dreams fondly. I miss them.

Lee said...

Ah. That is sweet, Gin. Yeah, I dunno. This was a pretty cool horse. Solid, kinda chargey but didn't go as stupid as a horse really would inside someone's home. I think, now, it was probably a good dream.

Guyana-Gyal said...

I thought you were going to say you read that the horse is a 'phallic' [that's the word the dream books use] symbol.