Thursday, October 16, 2008

You Are Like The Weather

I am not a morning person, at least not a work morning person. This is an established fact. Put me in a forest and I am very much a morning person. But work? Forget it.

A new work person for whom English is a second language observes this.

"What is wrong?" she asks as I button up my faux chef jacket.

"Nothing is wrong," I tell her, faux smiling the weariness from my tone.

"Hmm," she ponders back. "I think..."

She frowns, struggling to find the right words while I think oh God make this conversation end because at this time of the morning there are no right words.

"I think," she goes mercilessly on, "That you are... ah... you are like the weather." Accompanied by a hand waved in the direction of the day outside.

I look outside. It is a gloomy day. Bitch has just made me smile.


Y said...

Very poetic. She just made me smile too!

Pure Gin! said...

i wish more people expressed annoying personal sentiments like that...

Lee said...

It was a funny moment, Y. Mostly she doesn't make me smile.

In the morning, Gin, I wish more people would just be quiet.