Monday, October 27, 2008


The other night at a function at The Big Pointy Building, a sweet old lady wandered over to the kitchen area and asked for the way out. It's not the public exit, but there is a back way out and as she was here I gave her directions. But you need a pass and just to make sure she'd get out okay I said I'd take her down in the elevator and show her the way. She was a lovely old lady with amazingly polished speech. Very gracious. All manners. All charm. I took her down and showed her out and went back up to work, thinking I probably just did the wrong thing because there are bad fuckers about and you should trust no one. People, they ain't no good.

Then yesterday, I'm wandering around the Dank Street Festival, being amazed by so much great design. I love looking at a thing and seeing that someone has spent time creating this thing... a chair or a light that is so much more special than just a chair or a light. A person has applied themselves to thinking about this object and making it exceptional. People, they can be pretty good.

At one point I'm walking past the Dumbo Feather stand, a magazine I admire because it presents the best qualities of really good, creative people. I found this magazine when in Byron at a time I needed it and I read parts of it through tears (Viking tears, you understand). One of our suppliers was featured in that particular issue and a whole life other than Food Supplier opened up. Business owner, film maker, refugee with years stolen from her life. I was amazed.

Anyway, in the seconds I'm standing there looking at the stand and thinking about what a good magazine this is, a guy comes up and asks the woman at the stall if he can take her picture. She is the publisher and editor. The guy tells her he is a big fan. She smiles and looks slightly embarrassed by the attention. I carry a big, inner smile around for the rest of the day. People, they can be bloody brilliant.

Later on in an art gallery, surrounded by jewelry and metal installations, this woman behind the counter says she sees me and The Dreaded One all the time at trance gigs. She doesn't look like a doofer but we know who she is. She has a particular kind of dance. We start talking and it's the first time we've talked and I think again about how many of us want to get to know each other away from parties. Turns out she's into theatre in a big way, loves cabaret, has been to so many of the same shows I've been to.

Although we haven't spoken before, she asks if we know someone she knows, a girl with a guy's name. I know the person, have spoken to her once. A lovely person who exudes fun and goodness. She's sick. She's too young to be this sick, but that's how it is. She's doing as well as can be expected and she's even working at the next doof. I'm not sure why this person has mentioned this other person but it has affected me because too often at these parties, contact is fleeting. Maybe that's changing. Maybe I've been in the scene for long enough now that I want to know these party people. We spend time together, we dance together and we share loads of laughs, but there is other stuff to find out, other things to say to people, other things to share with them.

We say goodbye and walk away and I feel I should get this person's number. But we rely on the fact that we'll see them at the next party or the one after that. Given what we have just talked about, why should I feel so confident about that? People, they're so fleeting. You have to hold on to the good ones.


Dina said...

Awesome post.

It's so refreshing to read something positive.

There's so much bad stuff in the world--so much cruelty. It's nice to remember there's good stuff as well.

Lee said...

Thank you Dina. Will link your blog soon. It's hilarious how much I am learning about my home from you. Your Australian obsession fascinates me.

There's just a good thing with people going on in my world at the moment... more and more I find myself surrounded by good people. Very cool people.

Kathryn said...

Tell me about it. It's so lovely when you meet nice people.

Y said...

I think it only further shows how interconnected we all are, which baffles me why we don't try to treat each other better than we do.

Lee said...

Y, I don't think we are all interconnected. I think we are often foreign objects sitting side by side who don't know what to do with each other.

The random connected thing is good though. It's just rare.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Ahhh, that's the thing I like about tell it all, and you ain't embarrassed to talk about passion and beauty and art and meeting good people too.

P.S. I'm trying real hard not to call you Lol-lee [Lolly] as I sit here giggly.

Lee said...

Hello Miss Gyal.

Sometimes I feel hesitant about admitting to feeling feelings, but fuck it, we all feel these things.

Last night I shouted at a street brawl in front of my home and brought about its demise, it was intense. I'm hoping this week there will be laughs and yeah, more of the good stuff. I do love love and art and beauty and good people. Life is short and that's the kind of stuff I want.

And Funny stuff.

PS I do read your blog, as I'm sure you know, I just don't always leave comments. Just so you know.

And if you ever call me LoLee I will go to Guyana so I can tell you in a stern way that you must not call me LoLee. Just don't do it.