Friday, February 27, 2009

Not Stalking, But...

It's taken a couple of weeks to get back into the theatre thing, but this week's looking pretty full. And full of not-stalking Meow Meow... even though...

Drum asked me to review something anything because the mag was short a review. They suggested a couple of things that I didn't like the look of, then I noticed that David Williamson's The Removalists is playing at Sydney Theatre. I suggested that one because it sounds like one of Williamson's better ones; it's gritty with humour and I haven't seen it. The mag said go get 'em.

Later, after she'd finished work, The Dreaded One told me that she'd heard on the radio that Melissa Madden Gray is appearing in a drama. "Think it could be a David Williamson play."

"That's funny," I replied, "I'm going to see a David Williamson play on the weekend. The Removalists."

"That's it! That's the one. She's in that."

Melissa Madden Gray is, of course, Meow Meow in another guise. I don't know how but I'd missed her name in the credits altogether. But I'm seeing the play at 2pm on Saturday.

Then today, someone in the company we work for calls the kitchen and asks if we'd like a couple of tickets to see Justin Bond (Kiki from Kiki & Herb) and Meow Meow on Saturday night. The Dreaded One took the call and naturally said yes.

So. Although I wrote a love song to - I mean for - Meow Meow, and although I've interviewed her and reviewed her each time she's been in town, and in spite of hearing from a theatre critic with a high profile that Meow Meow thinks of me as one of her stalkers, I am not stalking her.

Even though I am taking in two of her live performances in one day.

I'm really not stalking her. Really.

However if I was to stalk someone I could have much worse taste.

Also on over the next few days is Tattoo at SBW Stables on Wednesday. I have to review that and I'll post the interview I did with with the director when it comes out next week, then on Thursday I'm seeing Gary Numan, so-called Godfather of electronic music at The Enmore on Thursday night. He really was a synth pioneer and I loved his music first time around. He's taken on a grittier, more industrial sound lately but also uses lush orchestral sounds, as far as I can tell. It's going to be fun.

Also stay tuned for an interview with comic actor Jonathan Biggins about his role in the forthcoming STC production of Tom Stoppard's Travesties.


Chris Boyd said...

I hate to disappoint you -- and I hate to disagree with The Dreadful One (you're only making it worse for yourself Mister so-called High Profile TC) even more -- but you're going to the wrong show if you wanna catch MMG in the act. Ahem!

Her last performance in Venus and Adonis is scheduled for Saturday 28th (according to my DIY) at Wharf 2.

Perhaps you can start stalking Sacha Horler now. She's in Teh Removalist.

Lee said...

Crap. I obviously didn't check my facts... Always will be a late night sloppy blogger.

The Dreaded One is always right except when she is not, which she never is, so I took her word.

This explains why MMG's name did not poke me in the eye in the Removalists credits.

This is also proof... proof that I am not stalking MM.

Good. Case closed.