Monday, February 02, 2009

Russell Brand & His Ultra Violet Carbonated Wee Wee

I was going to post some Rainbow Serpent pics but I just came across this. It amused me quite a lot. He's appearing in Sydney soon. I think I'll have to see the show.


Pure Gin! said...

that is fantastic.

Pure Gin! said...

i just had to do the word verification 3 times. arg. but the last one spelled "ostypity". that was kinda cool.

ooh! this one's "woolock"!

Lee said...

There is more of him on youtube, Gin. not sure if you saw the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshal, but he was hilarious in that. I have to see the show when he is here. Think I'm also going to see if I can get an interview with him. Daunting, but it would be fun.

Ostypity is brilliant. Going to work on a definition for that one.