Friday, February 06, 2009


Think I'm just going to add random photos with each post even though they have nothing to do with the text.This was one small part of one of the camping areas at Rainbow Serpent... with some chick standing in the way.

There is not very much work around at the moment so I've done the only logical thing there is to do and started writing a stage play. I've never even seen a script before so I basically haven't got a clue what I'm doing. Not having a clue what I'm doing has never stopped me before, so I'm just going to dive in. So far it's a lot easier than writing narrative because it's just dialogue. As far as I know, the director will fill in direction, a set designer will fill in the details and props, and the actors will inject feeling into the words. So it's just the words. No describing of the weather, clothing the characters are wearing, no mention of the tones they use when talking or the thoughts that are going through their minds when they are not talking. It's so easy. Why didn't I start writing a stage play before now?

Of course I realise that it could be complete rubbish that I'm writing. But I have a plan. There are going to be three acts. I'll write the first act (I'm almost halfway through it now), then I'm going to ask someone who knows such things what they think of it. Maybe this theatre director I interviewed the other day and who I seemed to get along with okay. If they tell me it's crap I'll cut my losses and throw myself clulessly into some new venture... or I'll tell them to shove it up their arse and keep going. And if they tell me it's good, I'll keep going without telling them to shove it up their arse... after all, I'm not Christian Pottymouth Bale.

Word of the day: Twatarazzi. A guy came over when I was faux chefing the other night and asked if we could feed the paparazzi before feeding the guests. We said no, go away. The Dreaded One muttered "Twat," as he left, and I gave birth to twatarazzi.

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