Friday, February 13, 2009

Playa Dust = Doof Dust

There's a bit of a running joke between me and The Dreaded One about my ridiculous sense of coordination. I can buy something random like a pen with nothing else in mind but I like this pen, but later I find it coordinates spectacularly with every other random thing I have. Yeah, that's my super power - I coordinate to the tiniest detail. I am Captain Coordinate.

This doof chick is a kindred spirit. I was in awe. Her dreads, her top, her skirt and shoes... fuck me if she didn't coordinate with her surrounds. I'll bet her new pen has that whole Autumnal tone thing going.

She was a bit spectacular. I was too scared to say hello. (Especially after this incident). One very stylish doof chick. I like doof chicks.

I came across a thread on a site recently titled You Know You're A Burner When... and I loved it. I haven't been to Burning Man so I'm not a Burner... but I think I kind of am a Burner because I read the whole thread (it's long) and I related to so much of it. I guess that's because you could swap 'burner' for 'doofer' and there's a hyoooge overlap.

I don't think the thread will appeal to everyone, but for me... ah. Dumb grin on face the whole way through. I almost registered with the site just so I could leave a comment saying, "You know you're a burner when you haven't been to Burning Man, but you've read this thread all the way through with a smile on your face."

I need to go to Burning Man.


Kathryn said...

I thought it was odd that you had "playa dust" in your title! Haha. Yeah, I love that burner article. It's an amazing experience. You'll have to go check it out someday! It'll be like your mecca. ;)

Lee said...

Had drinks today with other people who also want to go to Burning Man. I think it will happen.

Lovely talking to you today.