Sunday, February 22, 2009

Things I Really Like

Penguins, obviously. This was Flappy. The rest of the penguins just blobbed about, but this guy flapped about and tried to get all the attention.

Strawberries that fill your mouth with STRAWBERRY!

Ripe paw paw.

People who send a message via whatever media saying "Been thinking of you."


Going commando.

Russian accents in the local supermarket.


Music... oh fuck I really like music.


My speakers. Oh fuck I really like my sound system. I need the music.

But what I really like at the moment is when some guy, not doing well in life, stands at the shopping centre exit with a hat out asking for money. And sometimes you give them your change, other times you don't. And one time when you don't - because you actually don't have coins and handing him $10 would be extravagant and asking for change seems a little silly - the fucker abuses you.

That's right. He hasn't got a clue about your story, but he wants your money and he's all smiles until you say sorry mate. And then as you walk away he shouts at the distance between you that you are a selfish cunt.

I fucking love that. Makes my day.


Kathryn said...

Yeah, I like all that stuff, too. We are really similar.

Lee said...

We aren't all that similar. You are pretty. I am not pretty. I am rugged like a Viking. You are not rugged like a Viking.

Kathryn said...

You don't know that for sure.

Anonymous said...

I like blog posts that list what the writer does like, instead of just whingeing.

But I empathise with your annoyance with the beggar. He's exploiting the guilty feelings of people he doesn't respect. Too much of that and you stop giving to any beggar - you can give to a charity instead.

Lee said...

Kat - Yes I do know for sure that I am rugged like a Viking and that you are not... well you are probably not rugged like a Viking. Actually, neither am I.

Correct, Drodbar. I have mixed feelings about giving money to people like that. Sometiems I give because it's just a couple of dollars to me and they obviously need or want it. Other times I don't give because I'm in a fug and not exactly loaded... doesn't make me a bastard though.