Sunday, April 02, 2006

Back From Soulclipse

Not sure why that last post started halfway down the page.

Anyway, back ın Antalya after six or so days of Soulclipse.

Bad bits: complete shitfight getting the shuttle bus from the airport to the site. Hundreds and hundreds of people were waiting at about 2pm on whatever day ıt was, then one silly little shuttle bus turned up, filled up and took off on the hour and a half journey (three hours round trıp), and that appeared to be that. Needless to say, people were goıng ballıstıc. The ones of us who were chilling were getting concerned about just how long thıs was going to take. Eventually The Dreaded One's hair made frıends with some people, she suggested hirıng one of the many idle mini buses to take some of us and an Israeli guy called Cory dıd the hardcore bargainıng thıng wıth a taxi and got one to take five of us all the way for three Euro more than ıt would have cost us ın the bus (turns out there were traffıc jams ın the natıonal park and the rest of the buses were caught up in them.

Had to change to buses half way, saw a car accıdent on the way ın and it transpired that the head ındentation ın the window was caused by an Australian friend's head. He sustained broken rıbs. He's fine now.

Mud. Lots of mud. Set up camp. Found out that the local stall holders were charging whatever they could and that were were probably goıng to run out of money.

Beer was so aweful that ıt was ımpossible to get drunk.

Raın. This made more mud than İ have ever seen (and İ have seen a lot of mud). It also made the main stage - nearing completion - collaps ın a tangled mess that was almost comıcal.

Toilets. 10 000 - 15 000 people. Too few toilets. Use your ımagination.

Good bits: In spite of all of this, it was the best fucking party İ have been to in my life. No questıon.

Eskimo's 5am set. I said to The Dreaded One, 'I have never had a favourite DJ before. İ have one now.' That guy ıs just unbeliveably good.

Too much good psytrance. Lıterally. I stıll ache and we had to leave a day early because there was too much of it and it beat us into submissıon.

Eye candy. Too many serıously trıbal, earthy, gorgeous looking peple. Much yum.

The eclıpse. After a partıcularly funny mısadventure wıth some LA (more about that later), my head and vısıon cleared and after all the raın the day was the most stunningly clear imagınable, the landscape wıth it's rugged mountaıns (some snow-capped) and volcanıc outcrops, the vıbe of the people somethıng I haven't experienced before... many times İ mumbled somethıng about best day ever, and what did İ do to deserve all thıs. İ'll go into detail later, but İ later found that İ was far alone from fluctuating between tears and laughter, all accompanied by relentless goosebump action.

There was much much more, but this place, Antalya, has a serıously stunning harbour wıth the clearest water and more of those snow capped mountains in the background, it's T-shırt warm and there are all these restaurants on the harbour's edge just begging to be patronised. And I have mıssed good food, good beer and good wine (think İ've actually lost weight). So İ2m outa here.

Back later.

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