Thursday, September 28, 2006

An Audience With Insecurity

Wrote this review, and look at these funny people. This was the smallest, most polite, easily amused audience I've ever seen. I like theatrical humour. I'm soft as a reviewer for various reasons, but seriously, check out what this ridiculous support group has to say. The pompous attitude they are starting to take is that if I didn't laugh it's because the jokes went over my head, not because I didn't find them funny. Apparently you need a degree in cabaret to understand the secret complexities of the humour this particular show. Uh, no, not really.


Anonymous said...

Yeah. but sounds like the people who did liked it alot. maybe just not your cup of tea, hey? leave it to the people who liked it.

Anonymous said...

your review was pretty agro, mate. but thats what we like about you. your pretty agro with everything.

Margarita Milongita said...

What a surprise.. my comment was moderated or should I say- FUCKING REMOVED!! Who are this facist huntas??
Whoever anonymous is- they have no goolies.. names please!

The agro bitch xx

Quick said...

anonymous - what are you talking about? Reviews are not meant to be left only to people who enjoy something. And my review was a long way from agro. And me agro with everything? Yeah, whatever.

Miss Milongita - Not sure what your comment was but I suspect the moderator just wants to keep discussion about the performance in question by those who saw it. Something like that.

I know the responses to my review have been oversensitive and too defensive, but I guess the moderator's thinking is that at least they're about a performance they saw and my opinion of it.

And I agree - anonymous comments are gutless.