Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Self-censorship Is Gay

I wrote a post the other day that I deleted because I thought it was a little harsh. It amused me and it was just something that happened, but there was someone else I thought might drop by this blog who was on the set this particular day and we'd had some really nice chats about fiction and writing and I dunno, the thought of her seeing a side of me that was not so nice just made me censor myself.

However after seeing part of a Bill Hicks DVD last night and reading about a guy called Sam Kinison this morning, I just kinda thought fuck it, sometimes you've just gotta tell it like it is.

Scroll down a couple of posts if you're interested. It's the one with Ricky Gervais in the title. Given the no holds barred approach of the amazingly funny Bill Hicks, it's actually quite tame. And it doesn't come close to capturing the slow minutes that oozed by as this prick inflicted his pathetic, misguided bitterness on my otherwise positive mood.


Margarita Milongita said...

I see you've been pulled into the Bill Hicks web... good man.
You need to buy Rant in E Minor and Arizona bay for yourself now.
JB Hi Fi have them in the comedy section.
'Squeegee your 3rd eye!'
Muchos gracias por los cumpleanos wishes...
The Milongita xx

Quick said...

Indeed I have. Major egg on his face re his anti-smoking rants, but bloody hell, funniest anger I've seen.

Some Spanish people came into the shop the other day, asked if I could speak Spanish and I don't think I've ever wished that I could so much. They loved the shop and wanted to talk and we stumbled along a bit and more or less understood that we each enjoyed parties and clothing and music. I wanted to tell them that I was in Barcelona earlier this year and that it's one of my favourite cities, but they left the shop never knowing how much I enjoyed it there.

Bring on the Babel Fish!

You are welcome, MM.

Bird said...

Self censorship? My days are a constant battle against telling you what a vile, obnoxious cunt you are.

Quick said...

What's amused me most about that is that others who have never been exposed to you are going to be thinking what the fuck is that all about?

I am vile and obnoxious, Bird, and you are a delicate and radiant beauty.

Bird said...

hehe, apologies to those lacking Bird exposure. Above is an ongoing joke between the Quickster and me. Mostly because he's a vi... etc.

I am indeed radiant and delicate


Quick said...

Both statements make me laugh because they are so outlandish they almost qualify as science fiction.