Monday, September 18, 2006

What A Wunnerful Weekend

That was the kind of weekend I could spend forever with. Saturday was really cool in the shop, making people happy. Saturday night I saw a play called Terrorism. Black comedy, bloody enjoyable. Grabbed wine and pizza at a pizza place on Darlinghurst road and sat on the street in mild weather, wrote the review later that night because I had a feeling Earthdance the next day was going to be bendy. Bent it was.

Arrived early for the peace ceremony. Lots of our alternative friends were already there. I reckon that more than 90% of the people who attend Earthdance only come for the party and couldn't give a shit about the point of it all. Heathens. (This was the first year I wasn't a heathen).

Anyway, it was just an awesome day full of catching up, laughter, silliness, sunburn dancing dancing and more dancing. The Dreaded One was on a mission and I'm still rarely able to say no to a mission. I keep thinking the party animal is dead, but apparently not. The psytrance stage was the only place to be, and someone non-psytrance observed when walking by that area that the place was going off. Everyone should experience that kind of vibe. While the other punters were treating their music like background music, the psy fraternity had jugglers, fire twirlers and colourfully-attired stompers going nuts by midday.

Long story short, 8 hours of intense stomping wasn't enough so we kicked on to the after party for several more hours. Sore from it all? Fuck yeah. But when it's that much fun, what can you do?

I need food tonight though. Lamb shank and vegetable stew, red wine, nourishment.

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