Tuesday, September 26, 2006


No energy to write anything entertaining today... although I did think this was worth sharing: got a call from The Dreaded One yesterday. She was in the shop going through the books, and she said she thought that I might have done something really silly. That she was talking about me and bank accounts made me wonder not whether it was possible that I had done something silly, but just how silly the thing was.

Couple of weeks ago I was transferring my shop pay, the meagre wages we pay ourselves for time spent working in the shop. Somehow I managed to transfer my pay out of my personal account and into the shop's business account. I subsequently went back to the more orthodox system of paying myself rather than paying for the opportunity of working here, but I quite probably would have never picked it up.

Do I win the tiara for Vaguest Creature In The Universe, or can someone top that one?


Margarita Milongita said...

Sorry babe, that tiara has been nailed to my noggin for a long time!
You are safe!

Quick said...

Your proof would be?

Friends tell me all the time, "I saw you walking down the street the other day. I was honking the horn, leaning out the window, shouting your name but you didn't hear me."

Also there were the times at my old work when I was a million miles away whilst walking up the stairs. Walked right up past my floor. Reached for the door handle and thought, 'Fuck me - they've put a new door in. With a lock. They've locked me out. Why have they locked me out?"

I think that tiara is mine.

Margarita Milongita said...

I think we can share one then.. you sound a lot like me. Is that a good thing?

Not only do we have much in common, we both live in Fairyland most of the time!!

Be afraid... be very afraid!

Quick said...