Monday, April 10, 2006

Can You Hear The Drums Fernando.

No time. Machine is gobbling money. But we made our way to Figueres and saw the Dali museum. Amazing. Picked a place on the Costa Brava called Gwixols (it´s actually Sant Feliu de Guixols) and are going there this afternoon.

Had suckling pig and fleshy white asparagus and Rioja in a bustling tapas bar where no one spoke English the other night and felt like I was in heaven. Woke up in the morning and wrote this:

Delicate breath slows
Warm light, smell of skin, of hair
The twitch of a dream.

But there are two sides to the coin...

Geez her breath pongs bad
Light in my eyes, frigging bells
My arm has gone numb.

Nah, first one was reall. Magical last morning in Barcelona. The bells, the noise of the street, the memory of so much good food the night before... then I woke her up and we fucked like bunny rabbits.

They are playing Abba 24 hours a day at this place. That is not on. I´m going to Gwixols.

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bee vee vee said...

...and then I caught up with the present and realised you went to Figueres...