Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Gypsy Thing

So here´s the thing. I was thinking about this bonking like bunny rabbits things and suddenly had this picture of Bugs Bunny doing Jessica Rabbit, and it´s not like that at all. The Dreaded One has variously described my, erm, technique as being that of a wild stallion, a grizzly bear and a marrauding Viking. Just the other day she told me (and I quote) "Oh Quick... every time you love me up I feel like I´ve been conquered by Genghis Kahn, or ravaged by Thor, Norse god of thunder." So there you have it.

Anyway, we´ve accidentally gone upmarket, staying at this swish place called Eden Roc Resort (they were aplaying Abba when we arrived... unbelievable). Now we have to somehow make ou way to Lloret de Mar. No busses directly from here but there might be a boat.

I like this gypsy thing.

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rank said...

My my, what a stud we are.