Friday, April 07, 2006

I Heart Barcelona

Right. Operation Sell Everything We Own And Move To Barcelona is underway. Seriously, how cool can a city get?

Yesterday... I amḿ not a big fan of the phrase "Love your work", but if I bumped into Gaudi tomorrow (unlikely given that the silly fucker was looking the wrong way when he crossed the road and got whacked by a tram) I would totally say, "Dude. DUDE! Love your work." The guy is amazing. I wandered, amazed, from the Temple of the Sagredo Familia completely amazed. And almost got whacked by a bus.

Went to the Garden Guelle which is a park where you can see Gaudi stuff and, if you are The Dreaded One and me,sit and picnic. Sir Lunchalot has returned. We said okay letś grab a takeaway thing and some wine and go picnic. One and a half hours later (I kid you not) we realised that we had been searching for the perefect drinking vessels. We trauled the souvenir joints looking for an appropriate cup or glass. What is wrong with us?

Anyway, yesterday was Gaudi, today was Miro. Holy crap, there is too much good art. I never want to wash my eyes. I think Gaudi was genius, Miro an aesthete. Both have contributed serious stuff to us mere mortals.

And food... after the gastronomic wasteland that was Turkey, Barcelona is superb. And the people are cool. Thinking about a holiday or escape from reality? Skip Turkey (as amazing as it is) and come to Barcelona.


Anonymous said...

sounds so amazing.....I'm such a Gaudi fan - would just be awe inspiring to set eyes on his stuff in real life - def on my to do list!!

There's something about ancient cities and buildings and art......dunno what it is but i like.


Quick said...

Gaudi is excellent. Iḿ just not used to being so enthusiastic about stuff. Today was a Picasso day. Half a day in each gallery or museum is barely enough. Thinking about going to the Erotique museum now. Who has a museum dedicated to erotica?

bee vee vee said...

try and make it to Savadore Dali's old dig, Figueres - it's a train ride out of Barca. Or at least go to his gallery just off Las Ramblas down the bottom.

Plus I TOLD you Barthelona was the shit. Or I tell everyone else, anyway...