Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Am in Barcelona now. Usually it takes a day or two to find the good parts and real vibe of a new city, but this place made friends immediately. The Bath Alone Ians love their food and wine and it´s just generally a more wonderfully stylish and civilised vibe than that of Turkey. Turkey is a wonderful place, but overall I only have bad things to say about the Turkish people and the culture of ripping off the visitors. And I am going to say lots about that. The Turkish hospitality thing has got to be the biggest fraud going.

However my contempt for the Turkish rip off culture reached new levels of silliness on the last night in Antalya. We had to go to bed early because we had to get up so early, and there was a slice of blinding light shining through one side of the window on my side of the room. I got up, yanked the curtain across and a blinding slice of light was now lying across the other side of my bed. I yanked the too small curtain back and forth a few more times. Then, standing naked on top of the mini fridge, palms up in baffled exaspertion, I ranted... "Pleats! It´s the fucking pleats! There are far far too many pleats and they are making the curtain too small for the window! What the fuck is wrong with these people that they put too many pleats in the curtains? Fuck!¨

The Dreaded One was watching passively from her bed, looking positively angelic all wrapped in her snuggly pillow and blankets. "Ÿou´re a very angry man," she observed informatively.

I climbed down from the fridge and went angrily to sleep.


Anonymous said...

donde esta mi pantalones??
happy travels guys, loving the stories and can't wait to see the pictures...
don't let the pleats get you
down ;)

Quick said...

Pleats get me down? Pleats? Don´t get me started on pleats! Especially Turkish pleats! Those arseholes...

Guyana-Gyal said...

hehe, you angry man you.

Don't worry, pleats be happy. Pretty pleats?