Sunday, April 09, 2006

It´s Easter After All...

One of the basic writing rools is show, don´t tell. But Given that I have limited time, I can´t show rather than tell. Today was just glorious. You have been told. Went to Tibidabo which takes its name from the story about the devil taking Jesus to a high place somewhere and telling him that if he bows down before him, all he can see will be his. I dunno... cute story and all, but The Dreaded One and I took some very smooth Rioja, cheese, cured hammy stuff, pickled olives and other assorted bits, found a secluded spot with a stunning vista and had about the most perfect picnic you can imagine in view of an awesome Jesusie church much like the one on top of the hill at Monte Matre in Paris.

Then, amongst the pine needles and pine cones and the breeze whistling through the leaves on the trees, we nuded up and fucked like bunny rabbits.

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