Friday, April 07, 2006

Get Lost

Look, just stop whatever you are doing and come to Barcelona. I don´t know whether it´s normally this good or whether it´s just such a relief after Turkey, but the food and the wine and the art... perhaps I died from the beer in Turkey (which I have oh-so wittily re-christened Spewborg... nyuk nyuk nyuk) and have gone to heaven.

Last night after the Miro gallery The Dreaded One and I headed home, making our way through the narrow cobble stone streets in the Gothic Quarter, and we did what we do best; we got lost. I thought I had it nailed in this city but there were shops. Really cool shops. And little market things and ooh look at that uber cool tapas bar over there and someone said something about a minimal techno club with free drinks and holy mother of Christ we got lost.

At least we have stopped arguing about which of us got us lost now. Before it was ¨But I said we were going in the right direction and you said we have to hang a left."

"The fuck I did. I said all along we were going in the wrong direction.¨

"Well why didn´t you do something about it?"

"Because I didn´t know if you were holding the map upsidedown or not, because you´re always doing the upside down map thing."

Now it´s just "Think we´re lost."


"Yeah, but if you´re going to get lost in a city, Barcelona´s the place to do it."

"Totally. How cool is THAT bar!"

"Want to go in?"


We´re just going to chill today. Going to the Picasso gallery, maybe back to Park Guelle to find the two blue fish mosaic Gaudi made for me, maybe back to the gothic church to wonder if everyone is going to be a bit embrarrassed if this whole God thing isn´t a real thing, because fuck they´ve thrown some money at it and dedicated their lives to it... and then we´re just going to check out the shops some more. (Have found a couple of good suppliers for the shop). Right... lunch beckons... ooh - look at that uber cool tapas bar over there. Want to go in? Okay...


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Haha. Snurg backatcha. Will be seeing you in a bit over a week. Going to a place that starts with F to see a lot of Dali, which should be a trip, and maybe checking out Ibiza. Hernan Cattanneo is playing at Pacha tomorrow night. Hmm.