Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Magic Atmosphere

Well. Back home. Weird couple of days getting here. Not sure what I thought of Bangkok. The humidity after the northern hemisphere was a real pain, and it was dirty and smelly and there were so many beggars and glorious architecture and sensational food, some of which I would later realise I really shouldn't have eaten.

Anyway, there is far too much to write about now and I am recovering from diabolical food poisoning (hit about an hour after arriving home... thank God it didn't start at the beginning of the nine hour flight from hell with its wriggly kids and the flappy bingo wings woman sitting next to me) as well as my first real taste of jet lag. After little sleep for days, a reluctant and painful visit to the doctor, some form of recovery and finally passing out on the couch, I woke at what could have been any dark hour of any day thinking, "Should ask reception if they have reliable internet connection here."

Anyway, apologies for the lack of fresh posts. There will be colourful pics and amusing anecdotes about the trip coming up. Meanwhile, this sign was at the grand ruins at a place called Ephesus in Turkey. The ruins were awesome, but you know, so is this sign for the pay toilet. Oh those wacky Turks.


Guyana-Gyal said...

Gee, I tried posting a comment last night, darn slow isp.

Hope you're recovering from the food poisoning! Terrible, I had it lips turned dark from dehydration.

Oh...your comment to my post reminds me of the time in Sydney when I left my handbag at a hotel restaurant...

But the waitress found it and gave it to the front desk. Front desk looked inside, saw my tickets, passport, cash, asthma medication etc etc.

Front desk gave it to Qantas at the airport. Qantas locked the bag, put it in their office. I got it when I went there, searching for it.

Everyone was so concerned, kind. And NOTHING was stolen.

Quick said...

Damnit. I didn't go far enough - I think dark lips would suit me.

Thanks, all good now GG. Yeah, it's not fun.

Nice you got your stuff back. That should be the norm. Sadly, I don't think it is.