Monday, May 15, 2006

No Animals Were hurt In the Blogging of This thing.

Right. so. It's like this... I'm a little drunk right now... just the ususla drunk, but I think I should warn yo. Because Bloogging under the influence is not the ideal thing of doing stuff./

I looked throughb my photos of the recent trip and fuck man, that was amazing. I love the places I went to and the art and the architecture, but I dunno. That fucking pier at Brighton and Bird with that straw in her hair which youve probably not sen yet... and this pic is of a purple and white but mainly purple dog somehow magically caught in the branches of a forest tree... and it's not a real purpke dog btw.

Anyway, it was a weird party, but Brighton was way cool and it's weird to mis a place as much as I miss Paris. And I'm not happy about the missing peopele bit. Something should be done to rectify the thing.

I should probably sleep now.

Nighty night.


Bird said...

Yes. Hurry up and do something to rectify the thing please Quick.

Quick said...

Okay Bird, best I've come up with is: you are a hot young publisher dudette, and I was in Brighton recently, therefore, given that I am unemployed and it's your turn to make the trek, you should somehow come here. And if you were a good person who God would shout a drink, you'd think about doing it sooner rather than later.

Naturally, I'm working on another plan which strategically involves another strategy relying on cunning, daring, a poncho, and... what I like to call... beer.