Thursday, July 31, 2008

Anger Man

Heated early morning conversation. Verbatim. Much anger in the air. I hate starting off the day like this, but unfortunately day to day life just has its sour moments.

A while ago a good friend did shitty stuff and we parted ways. Once we used to give each other matey hugs in greeting but on the last time I saw him, he went for a handshake and I snubbed him. Didn't even say goodbye. Mostly, I'm not a hater, but when bad stuff happens and I think someone is not worthy of my friendship, it stays that way. Once we go down that path, there simply is no turning back.

So we get an email from this former friend and it's all chatty, starts off with 'Hi, how are you guys?"

I'm not a violent person, but the email makes me want to punch the computer monitor right in its face. I refrain and instead rant. Can you believe the fucker etc.

I shower and when I come out to make sure the fucker really does have the gall, I see a reply not yet sent from my beloved Dreaded One. She has opened with, "Hi X, we're good, how are you?"

I cannot believe it. I rant again. You send that email I will totally disown you I swear etc.

"Stop being silly," comes the reply from the kitchen. "Can you send that for me please? I forgot to hit send."

I really really cannot believe this. "I absolutely will not pollute my fingertips by sending that message. The fucker's a fucker and will always be a fucker."

"Oh stop it. What's the point in bearing a grudge? It's juvenile."

"Seriously - I am disgusted that you think it's okay to send that message. You are wet. You are a sap. You need to feel more hate. Sometimes it's justified."

"There's no point. Life's too short..."

I don't hear what comes next because I have left the room in seething disgust. When I calm down enough to return to the same room as the traitor, I hear the sound of email being sent and when I check, she really has actually sent this email of betrayal.

I am speechless.

When I am finally capable of speech, I come up with this: "What you're not understanding here is that every superhero needs an arch nemesis, and X is my arch nemesis."

"Well you're not much of a superhero if your arch nemesis is X."

"At least I have an arch nemesis," I counter with justified superiority.

"That's fine. I don't need to pretend I'm a superhero. C'mon - get your chef jacket. We're running late."



Kathryn said...

She's right. But I understand where you're coming from. :)

Lee said...

No, she is not right. Usually she is but not this time. There are some times when someone fucks you over to the extent that you lose your dignity if you forgive them. This is one such case.

Like I said, it doesn't happen often with me but when it does it is irreversible.

But the superhero bit was me putting things into perspective, in a warped way. I like to get over my foul moods as soon as possible.

Look, yeah, what I mean is she is right in principle but not specifically in this instance.