Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Heard On The Dancefloor

Sunday evening, I'm unexpectedly going a bit silly on the dancefloor. Been a shitty few days working at a pretty crappy job, so when we bump into someone who asks if we're going to the party, late lunch plans suddenly veer.

So I'm blowing off steam and having a blast. Big grin, lots of laughs, sexycool people dancing and living it up.

Then a friend walks up to me and leans over to say something.

"What?" I ask, expecting something flirty or funny, some silly bit of hilarity.

"I said SJ - I just got a text message from him. His dog died."

Possibly the last thing I expected to hear on the dancefloor. It is kind of funny in its inappropriateness, but kind of baffling too. Why did they think they needed to interrupt my mood to tell me right there and then? It could have waited. Maybe it's just me, but I really don't want to be thinking about dead dogs while I'm on the dancefloor. I'm odd like that.


Anonymous said...

That is so rude and weird. No wonder you're pissed off. I would be.

Lee said...

I wasn't pissed off, Amra, as much as just completely baffled.

Kathryn said...

Maybe she just really had to tell someone. It happens. I was kind of like that girl yesterday after receiving a very strange email. Hope you managed to have a good stomp, anyway. :)