Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jesus Cares

I have designed a T shirt. You can check it out here and even rank it and maybe even buy a shirt. I think it's funny. I think you should vote for it and maybe even buy one.

Something good has come out of World Youth Pointy Head Happy Clappy Cheesy Go Away Please Day after all.


Kathryn said...

Haha. Love it. But not enough to fork out the 40 bucks plus shipping overseas. But its pretty funny.

How did that all come about?

Lee said...

Okay. Just do the ranky votey thing then.

It came about because I am really quite pissed off with the shit this World Youth Day thing is about and there was a link to someone doing a competition for annoying T shirts. It's ridiculous - laws are being brought in saying we are not allowed to 'annoy" youth pilgrim catholics, whatever they are. I mean - fuck off - we are Australian. We don't take anything seriously.

Lee said...

Also maybe you are not getting press over there, but it's World Youth Day here shortly and the pope is here and it's fucking everything up more than the Olympics with less to be gained. It's really inconvenient.

Kathryn said...

Is WYD held annually? If so, perhaps they won't return to Sydney after this year. Ever.

P.S. Also, is WYD something new? I do not remember it.

P.P.S. Was quite involved with beer and/or lots of other alcohol whilst Down Under so this WYD may have passed by me un-noticed.

Lee said...

I think it's held in a different city once every four years. It's massive. The pope travels to the city as do hundreds of thousands of his fans. Mannilla had the biggest one ever with 4 million popesters flooding the city. Here they're expecting maybe half a million of them to make the pilgrimage across the bridge and over to Randwick Racecourse where I guess they'll listen to popey sentiments and sings songs. How nice for them.

Y said...

That's a damn good shirt!

Lee said...

Damn right!

isabelle said...

Brilliant, I love it .
I'd definitely buy one, but it's a bit too much for me to pay.

Brilliant idea though,I simply cannot get my head around 'believers'.

( hope all your writing work is going well )

Lee said...

Hehe. Hello Isabelle. I'm wearing it now. It amuses me. Writing is going okay. I would love for it to be a full time thing though. I need to start on a big creative thing.

I've been enjoying your writing almost every day. Lush stuff.