Friday, July 18, 2008

Assassins Review, And An Unexpected World Youth Day Rant

Here's the review of the musical theatre I saw last week. I didn't know whether to mention that all ticket sales go towards the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia or not. In the end I thought it best to just focus on the performance itself. It's hard enough to write a satisfying review in 300 words.

Saw a funny thing yesterday. On the way through Circular Quay where thousands of singing, dancing Catholics were gathering to catch a glimpse of the Pope, there was this frail looking old guy, stoop-shouldered and not a hint of happiness about him. He was just standing there staring out at the world through dull eyes. He was wearing a sandwich board that carried a message that went something like, "Wake up, ignorant people. God is just a concept created by stupid humanity."

I know I bagged World Youth Day and maybe there's some truth in the old guy's sentiment, but looking around at all this happiness and celebration, as manufactured as it might be, I couldn't help thinking yeah - but what are you offering?

It was a weird day. I worked on a barbecue outside The Big Pointy Building and we got slammed. I had brief conversations with some of the pilgrims. Almost all of them were happy and smiling, even the old and broken ones. They came from all over the world, a kaleidoscope of accents and skin colour. One guy took his meal and said to me, "Thank you brother. I am going to remember this day for a very long time."

Someone else held up their steak roll and their friend took a photo with us and the Harbour Bridge in the background, like: This is how Australians celebrate everything including a papal visit - with a barbecue."

I've been in those food situations before where there are massive queues and I can honestly say this was the most pleasant of them all.

So, miserable old guy with your sandwich board message, as manufactured as The Church may be, with its often grim history and with all of it myriad problems, the good bits are actually pretty good.

Better to dance and rejoice in something than stand around feeling pissed off because people are happy, don't you think Sour Old Guy? I mean, why the fuck did you even bother getting out of bed? I can't believe that your level of bitterness is so great that you thought it would be a good idea to get up out of bed, put on that ridiculous sandwich board and go outside to try to rain on someone else's parade, you misery stricken fucker. In fact you know what? Just because of you I really hope God is real, because I would love to see the look on your craggy old face when you realise that not only have you been a miserable bastard all this time but you've been wrong too. Haaha! That would be hilarious. You before God with your ridiculous sandwich board feeling like the utter twat you are. In fact I'm half tempted to go back down there where I don't doubt you are still standing like the morose cadaver you are, and gaffer tape you inside that sandwich board and spray a smiley face on one side and "The Lord Is Great" on the other. My God, Sour Old Guy, your version of hell would actually be a happy place, wouldn't it. A place filled with laughter and smiles and people doing good things for each other. You sad, sad...

Ooh. A rant supporting World Youth Day. Didn't see that one coming.


Y said...

Same here. I never thought Jeebus would approve of something like this but I was in the city the other day and could really feel the joy that was everywhere (but mostly concentrated on George Street). It was like stumbling onto a party where everyone was invited. Good feeling.

Kathryn said...

Sounds festive. Wish I had been there for the bbq. :)

Boop said...

Nice post :):) - one thing i can't stand is supposedly 'open minded' atheists ragging on the religious for being 'simple' or 'needing a crutch'

Regardless of what you believe in its better to believe in something and to be a part of a community than nothing at all.

Course I still believe in nothing at all but I think its downright churlish to sneer at those who do have a belief. Having said that I still don't think they should get free health care whilst here unless all travellers get it. Equality for the masses and all that.

Lee said...

Yeah I dunno. there was a lot of infrastructurql nonsense with this one, but also a lot of positive vibe. Hasn't convinced me one but that the Catholic Church is necessarily a good thing, but I smiled at a lot more overt Catholics than I have in a long time.

Hopefully now though things will be back to normal. Those fucking wire fences... grrr.