Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Person Dressed As A Blogger

I always root for the bull when it comes to bullfighting, so this story about a small stadium of bloodthirsty spectators comes close to amusing me. It was a bit like an extreme Mexican Wave.

What totally amused me was that when our sultry late night news reader told the story, she said: "The bull came in for a closer look at the damage only to be distracted by a person dressed as a clown."

Okay. It wasn't an actual clown, merely a person dressed as a clown. We need to make the distinction between real clowns and persons impersonating clowns. Because it makes all the difference. I want to know when my clowns are real clowns and when they are regular persons impersonating clowns.

Then again, maybe the emphasis was on "person". Perhaps they wanted to make it clear that it was someone on the humans' side and not a friendly fake clown, like a bull dressed as a clown.

Or perhaps the clown-dressed person looked like, say, a wombat, and the newsreader wanted to make it perfectly clear that nononono, it's not a wombat but a PERSON dressed as a clown.

I started seeing the rest of the news very differently. Suddenly there was a person dressed as a policeman, a person dressed as a politician, yet another person dressed as a person.

All brought to us by a person dressed as a news reader.

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