Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Grumpy In The Flesh

Lazy post because I am lazy. But here's what the ed of Tsunami had to say about our deliciously boozey first meeting. Nice to know that I am not grumpy in the flesh. I really enjoyed that night. Gavin and Eliza are good people.

Recently I was telling someone about the difficulty I am having with my eye and because I couldn't remember the name of the condition, they laughed. That's nice, isn't it. Nice one, fucker.

Had no option but to strangle him with his own dreadlocks.

I'm giving this eye thing six months max. After that... I guess I'll give it another six months. Or laser the fucker. Am very over it.


Y said...

That's a lovely little comment about you! :)

Lee said...

I kinda regret that most of the time, people I work with don't get to meet Weekend Lee. He's not nearly as quiet and serious as Weekday Lee. I was happy that night, finally meeting people who I'd been dealing with via email for the last couple of years. They clearly appreciate my sense of humour and it was easy and relaxed.

Also - don't you think Gav's scenario with the breast feeder squirting him in the arm is a hoot? I think it's hilarious.

Y said...

I've never met Weekend Lee either, but I already liked Weekday Lee, so it didn't bother me much.

That whole Ed's Note thing was pretty funny - and I rarely read editors' notes.

Lee said...

Weekend Lee (AKA Black Rainbow)is way more fun than Weekday Lee. He's a bit drunker and dribbles more, but according to all reports he's loads more fun to be around.

Also, I agree, Miss Y. Why would you read Ed's notes unless you are mentioned? No point. I mean, really.