Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dear World Youth Day Sydney 2008

Dear World Youth Day,

Thank you for coming to Sydney. I work on a casual basis at The Big Pointy Building and although it's been pretty quiet for the last couple of weeks and there hasn't been much work, next week was looking good again. Lots of functions were booked in and I was looking forward to a couple of good shifts. But then the full extent of World Youth Day and its impact on access to The Big Pointy Building became clear and everyone canceled their functions to hold them somewhere more easily accessed. So guess what? No income for me. Hoorah! Thanks heaps for that.

Also, I recently joined an agency and they told me that it's really quiet at the moment because of World Youth Day. No work for Faux Chefs and not even any work for the legions of waiters relying on the catering industry for their income. Because although there is lots of catering taking place on your happy clappy day, it's all being done by volunteers. So on behalf of everyone struggling to make a living in the hospitality industry, thank you, World Youth Day. Big hugs and kisses of gratitude.

And look, it's not your fault especially, but all these ridiculous 'annoyance' laws? Thank you for being indirectly responsible for the authorities introducing yet more dodgy policing laws. Thank you so much.

And thank you for totally buggering up our roads and city access. Thank you so much for imposing yourself on those of us who didn't invite you here in the first place.

I love you World Youth Day.

Lots of love,



Y said...

Between WYD and possible train strikes, I'm just "praying" that I manage to get to work each day in an acceptable time frame.

Lee said...

The whole thing is obscene. On top of everything - why oh why have tax payer dollars been given to such a wealthy organisation for such a frivolous bit of self-indulgence?

Pure Gin! said...


Why I don't live in Sydney.

Lee said...

Gin! Hello. Why did I think you'd gone away?

Melbourne is better than Sydney, yes.

Pure Gin! said...

no no... I'm still here. :)

and I still read you! Just.. you know... quietly...

Lee said...

Well, that is excellent. I deleted a few blogs a while ago that had gone quiet, but you are linked again and I'm enjoying reading yours again. Also quietLee... although I almost left a comment on your Aeon Flux post. I knew it was never going to work. She just isn't meant to be flesh and blood.