Monday, December 05, 2005

A Girl Called Geoff

What a good Sunday that was. My head problems went away and I just had a really good, relaxed time and was able to be more the me that I like to be.

There is a long distance friend in town who I mostly keep in touch with via email and text messaging, and I went to meet with her at the day club yesterday. There was still a small part of me that wondered if we were going to get along as well in real life as we do electronically. I guess in reality we haven’t really spent all that much time together and it’s a legitimate worry. You hear about it happening, and real life conversations are rarely as neat and witty as written ones. In many ways the written ones are more honest, if you’re an honest person. But they can also be misleading in that you can plan and re-write and this can belie the fact that you’re not really all that funny or all that interesting or interested in them. But I think the last shreds of that concern vanished, and I had a really chilled, relaxed and fun time with her. There was no drama, no effort, no demands. There was lots of talk and lots of laughs, and it was just very cool. I sometimes wonder if I give her the impression that I am better than I am; better with people, more popular, things like that. And I guess when I’m with the right people and that relaxed thing is happening, I guess looking at it I am a little like that (not saying I'm popular, just meaning that I can be a bit of an idiot and get people laughing etc). But I don’t think she really knows how rare that is. (I found out yesterday that she reads this blog, so I guess she now knows).

There were lots of people there who I knew which was good. As the dynamics changed I could drift to another group and join in and it was easy. Had a couple of quite serious conversations which always seem a little out of place in the club envirnoment.

On the other hand, there was another group and I found myself being introduced to someone and it went a little like this:

“Hi. I’m Quick,” I said through the loud music.

“Hi Quick. I’m Jen.”


“No, Jen.”

“Okay,” I replied, hearing but thinking what the hell. “Pleased to meet you Geoff.”

“It’s JEN!”

“I’ve got to say, I’ve never met a chick called Geoff before. It’s a pretty fucking odd name for a girl.”

She gave up and everyone was laughing, realising that I was playing the fool.

I have been missing my silly.

Left early. Was pleasantly surprised that my long distance friend – let’s call her Betty Boop – wanted to come back to mine. But she did. Her and a friend came back and we talked and just hung out and I wish I enjoyed hanging out with people like that more often. You humans can be quite cool.

When The Dreaded One came home she seemed really happy that I had gone out and had such a good time instead of staying home by myself, which is my natural tendency.

Right. That’s enough for now – I have some mannequins to undress.

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