Monday, December 05, 2005

Two Fat Ladies

One of the absolutely funniest bloggers I've come across - so funny it's beyond laugh funny; it's shake-your-head-and-read-it-over-and-over funny - called me an "excellent funnyman". This makes me feel really good and really not good. Really good because... well it's obvious why it makes me feel good. But it also makes me feel bad because these last few posts have not been very funny. So until I get properly funny, if you want funny the best I can offer are the posts are in the archives called Oral Sex Advice, Mr Fix It, erm... maybe Moopert Murdoch (you don't have to read that one, just say Moopert Murdoch out loud. It's fun. Do it. Go on - say it!), umm... Waaaaandaaaa! is okay, Toilet Humour maybe, Ping is a bit funny... that should do for now.

I would figure out how to do the that clever link thing but my brain is not very good at figuring out such things. Plus I have naked mannequins to deal with.

Also, my profile counter appears to have stopped on 88. Why is that? Were only 88 people interested in finding out more about me? Should I be offended by this? Or is it broken? Do such things break? How do they break? And how do they get fixed? 88 is a nice number and everything, but I was kind of hoping to eventually have a much bigger number. Some bloggers have had their profile checked out thousands and thousands of times. 88 by comparison is really pathetic. People are going to see that it's only 88 and think, "Shit this guy must be boring. Let's get out of here."

On the otherhand, it's kind of reassuring, that 88. No matter how crappy things get I can always think yeah, but my profile counter thingy eh? It's 88.

Also, I think it's me. I think I am a kind of curse on the shop. I think people must look in here and see me and go, "Oh, it's him. Let's not go in there today." Maybe the word has spread and they say to each other, "Yeah, he's that 88 dude. Loser."

Also, I think I am hooked on that fizzy pink grapefruit juice. It's excellent. Trouble is it's not all that easy to find, and when you think about it you have to have it. It's annoying. Nothing else quite cuts it once you've thought, "Mmm... fizzy pink grapefruit juice."

Also... oh nothing.

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