Thursday, December 15, 2005

Me? Vague?

I think I might have a moderate case of extreme vague. Well known is the story of me walking up the flight of stairs at work to be confronted with a new door, and my resulting bafflement at why no one told me there was going to be a new door, and my insecurity overload at wondering what it could mean that they would put a new door there and not tell me or give me the new code to the new door, only to realise after a bit of investigating that I had been so lost in thought that I'd walked past the regular door and up an extra flight of stairs.

Sadly, I have done this on more than one occasion.

But then today I asked the human across the desk from me if he was going to the contributors' party tomorrow night. "You going to the Dolphin tomorow night?" I asked him.

"What? No. Yes. What? Tomorrow?"

"Yeah," I replied, finding his confusion quite endearing. "The contributors' party."

"Next week?"

"No. Tomorrow. "

"At The World Bar?" he asked.

"What?" I asked, wondering what the fuck he was on about.

"The contributors' party is on tomorrow night at The World Bar."

"Really? Oh. Oh, all right... is there something on at The Dolphin? At some time?"

"That's next week."


Also, I squirmed a bit when someone in the office was talking about all the lots and lots of people who had RSVP'd for the contributors' party and I realised I had not invited any of my writers. So I started emailing out the invitation and telling them not to worry about it being past the RSVP date and I'm really sorry, and one of them wrote back and said "Silly you - you sent this to me last week and I'm coming."

I need to get not vague.


Guyana-Gyal said...

Vague is my uncle taking the kids to school, and he drives right past.

And when they yell he asks, "Why you ain't remind me?"

Quick said...

Hehe... if I was one of the kids I wouldn't have yelled. I would have been having a lovely time gazing out the window at the clouds, thinking that it was a very nice day for a drive...