Saturday, December 24, 2005


As far as I know, the Herald did not print that leter about the Idiot's Guide To Clubbing. But at the magazine's work party yesterday someone mentioned the article and I said I didn't like it. One of the mag's ex contributors, who I hardly ever see, said, "Yes. I heard that a certain someone wrote about it on their blog."

I thought there might have been some fallout if the letter went to print, but I totally didn't expect any of that bunch to know about this blog. How did they find out about it?

Anyway, doesn't matter. I stand by what I said. Music snobs are pretentious wankers.

Still, it was pretty funny and completely unexpected.


Clark Nova said...

Good to see your'e standing by your personal attack on the SMH writer by calling him a wanker even though you stated he was a good guy--or words to that effect-- at the magazine xmas party.

Which is it?

Oh, the joy of anonymous blogs... until someone reads them! It's enough to make you really, really paranoid. I know I am.


Quick said...

Decent enough guy who, in my opinion, displayed a bit of pretention in that article. I said I respect the scope of his knowledge, I just don't like that kind of elitism.

And nah, not paranoid. Just flattered that anyone bothers reading it.