Saturday, December 03, 2005

Space, Man

Who has time for quality blogging? Really. I've been reading various blogs and some of them are so crafted and well-written and frequently poetic, and who has the time?

Someone left a comment here about the fact that I live in Sydney and they love Oz, and another friend said something about the fact that she appreciates Sydney more than I do because she doesn't live here and therefore how can I possibly appreciate this city as much as she does?

Thing is, I fucking love this city and I do make the most of it, but how to find the time to write in poetic detail about it when life is so full?

Also, have recovered from Earthcore. Have not been to any theatre lately. Have discovered an artist called Erwin Wurm who is exhibiting some quirky stuff at the MCA. Am Going to Home Nightclub tomorrow night to see Sasha. Also, I told the people at work that I am leaving either at the end of the year or in March when I am going to the Soulclipse Festival in Turkey. That was interesting. Oh and Shiney Le Fai from Loonaloop called and my grandmother died and I didn't go to the funeral and I've finally severed ties to the family (I think) and... really. Who can get poetic when so much happens?

I'm going to make some time soon to get into the writing. You know when you kind of go in there... into the rabbit hole... Just need some fucking space, man.

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