Sunday, December 04, 2005

I'm A Geek

So I went to Home nightclub last night to see James Zabiela and Sasha. Zabiela was more relaxed and seemed more into having a good time than showing of his (considerable) talent on the decks than the last couple of times I've seen him. It was good to see. And the place was pumping. Sasha was okay, but... I read a quote on a forum a long time ago that went, "Psytrance will make you its bitch." It's so true. If you develop a taste for psytrance, nothing will compare, and so people like Sasha become players of background music.

Don't get me wrong - Sasha is good and one of the most memorable gigs I have ever been to was the Airdrawn Dagger gig at the woodchopping pavilion at the Sydney Olympic site (a seriously magical day), it's just that the energy level of psytrance is so much more intense than any kind of house. And not the way hard house or happy hard or any of those genres are. It's as intricate and complex and 'intelligent', for want of a better word, as progressive, it's just got something that growls at you and gets the juices going.

I've been listening to Juno Reactor since coming back from Earthcore, and holy fuck it's intense. Twisted and crunchy on the surface, with kind of primal undercurrent... hmm, that's all wrong because the primal thing is very pronounced...

Thing is, it's awesome. And apparently I am more of a geek than I like to think I am. Writing about music has in many ways diminished my enjoyment of the music itself. I guess to be fair it's also enhanced my appreciation of it. I dunno. I'd like to just enjoy it sometimes without analysing what it is about it that I am enjoying.

I told my employers that I am leaving. They seemed surprised. I was surprised that they were surprised. I am not made for working in an office. There's something about it that really fucks my head up. I have to get out.

March next year is looking like the time. That's when the Soulclipse Festival happens in Turkey. I could stay with the mag, I probably won't. I don't know what I'm going to do. I'll still contribute a little on a freelance basis, if they want me to (which I think they do), and that will be good. It's actually been an awesome experience, one I never expected. And one I owe to a former editor. I don't think she'll ever know how much I appreciate getting the job. I was a random contributor, and she liked my stuff. A lucky connection.

Crap. It's a brilliant day out there. I'm heading to an outdoor day club. I'm going alone - just dropped The Dreaded One off at the Opera House. She won't finish until 10.30 tonight. I'm gonna be very relaxed by then.


xavier said...

Thinking of Soulclipse, eh? I'm doing the same from the other side of the world in New York. My gut tells me it will be quite an experience--I say go for it.

Good luck...

Quick said...

Soulclipse is becoming a very real possibility. I think you are right - it will be quite an experience.

I visited your site Xavier - you like psychedelic huh?