Friday, June 02, 2006

And Closer...

8.35pm Friday night. No sign of the answers to my questions from the artistic director of the film festival. His publicist has said she is leaving the office for the night and that he will send the answers directly to me. I commenced writing a back-up story, but it was pooh. I need his answers.

Am really very tired after today. Rose at 6am, didn't eat a thing all day because I was so busy feeding others. Worked hard. Have just had vodka. I fear I shall be asleep quite soon. Have to rise early again tomorrow morning to do today all over again.

It's looking like I will be writing this story tomorrow night after an equally exhausting day. I hope I have the Q&A by then.

I don't like writing stories like this at all. I do like this vodka though. Need food, wine and sleep.

Send help. Or a day of niceness. Or answers to my questions.

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