Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Phone Manners

Spending more time at home, I am getting more call centre calls, and I seem to be on heaps of lists as Mister Dreaded One. I just don't beat about the bush now and have just started hanging up. But the other day there was a call and it was the same accent and started off the same way: "Hello Mr Dreaded One -"



"I'm not interested in whatever it is that you're selling. Be gone!"

And hung up. And fumed at yet another mood-breaking intrusion. And then thought, it's tax time soon, and the accountant always deals with The Dreaded One and could well think that The Dreaded one's last name is the same as my mine, and the accountant has a very similar accent... woopsie. I might start making sure they are miserable call centre drones before being rude.


Boy Wonder said...

Of course, you could just act like an answering machine when you pick-up. You know, "Hello. You've reached the offices of Esquire Quick and Lady The Dreaded One, neither of which are the slightest bit interested in "saving money" on so-called reduced long-distance charges, nor donating to your charity to raise money for pavement scrawling, ex-Bardot, Oprah-addicted single-mothers. If your are soliciting for none of the above, please leave a message..." etc.

Quick said...

I dunno. I kinda liked saying "Be gone."