Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Big Cucumber

The next photo I was going to post was of the spiral stairs inside the Sagrada Familia because it's a spiral that could be stairs going up or stairs going down. There's a guy's head in the photo shot from underneath, so the camera has to have been aiming up. Then again, there's someone's foot in there too as though the camera was aiming down. It's a bit like one of those drawings by Escher (or whatever his name was) where you can change the perspective by will. In the end though it gives me vertigo so I decided not to show it to you.

Anyway, The Dreaded one and I were stuck in that spiral staircase for so long with a million other humans and far too many school kids that we started getting a little bored, so the next photo I decided to show you was when I took an extreme close up of one of The Dreaded One's eyes, then she took one of mine, and I was going to call that post Wide Stairy Eyes. But the photos are so close up they are blurry and a little bit creepy anyway.

So the photo I decided was up next was of this building taken from the purgatory spent inside The Spiral Staircase Of A Million Echoing Screams. It's a shot of one of the weirdest shaped buildings I've ever seen. It's huge and surrounded by teeny weeny normal sized buildings and is shaped like a very big sex toy. It's Barcelona's headquarters of The Ministry Of Cucumbers. Actually I don't know what the hell it is. Suppossedly it was inspired by Sagrada Familia, which means its designer is a Gaudi wannabe. Dude, you ain't no Gaudi.

It's so big and attention seeking that I'm a little amazed it took several days to see it for the first time. Maybe I was just so obssessed about all the pretty things in Barcelona that I was somehow blocking out the ugly things.

Next post will be about the weekend, which was big, messy and a bit odd and involved porn, going out, hanging out with a famous DJ, a marriage proposal, and an uber cute and girlie poem written about me in my poncho. I'll bet it's the porn you come back for. See you tomorrow then.


Anonymous said...

there is one of those in london called the gherkin. Not its official name of course.

Guyana-Gyal said...

A marriage proposal?

Quick said...

You're back on the airwaves GG. This is good.

Yes, a funny kind of marriage proposal. i got into trouble for not proposing to a famous DJ on behalf a a friend. Will tell you about it as soon as I get the chance.

Quick said...

And yeah, there is a building like this in London. How funny. If there's going to be a swing towards building these things, someone needs to make an entire city out of them. How funny would that be?