Friday, June 16, 2006

Eyeball Goes Boing

So I'm working in my shop today and while rummaging for something that had been tidied up, the handle from a drawer flew up and hit me fair in the eyeball. I knew it was bad. You know you get that pain where a voice in your head goes shit man, this isn't good. There was blood coming from the eyeball and I thought I had ruptured it. Not a good look in a flash clothing shop. Anyway, the bleeding stopped but it's swollen and the white of my eye is zombie flesh eater red. I was going to go to the medical centre to have it checked but after a while the throbbing stabilised to a steady throb and the damage seems to have stabilised too, so I think a doctor is just going to say nothing we can do but let the blood drain away of its own accord.

I was dealing with it and and the customers when a kind of friend came in and saw my eye. His reaction? To launch into a long winded story about how he injured his hand recently, at the end of which he paused, really looked at my eye and said, "OH MAN! SHIT MAN, YOU GOTTA GET TO A DOCTOR! THAT'S REALLY REALLY BAD MAN, YOU GOTTA SEE SOMEONE ABOUT THAT! OH MAN OH MAN..."

Then he left the shop quite hastily. Good thing because I was about to bitch slap the fucker and tell him to get a grip.

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