Friday, June 23, 2006


It's early and it's foggy outside and I have to walk across Moore Park to Fox Studios to work my arse off in a shitty kitchen with a nincanpoop (now there's a word that's underused... next time I get one of thos annoying call centre people it's going to be "Be gone, nincanpoop."). You know those jobs where you really don't want to do them? Where you wake up looking forward to the end of the day? It's one of those. Luckily it's only for another three days... God that sounds like a long time.

Most frustrating thing is it's a massive art expo. I'm out the back sweating in industrial noise, and then I go out the front for a moment and it's peaceful and civilised and there's art everywhere you look, and then I have to return to this weird world of chaos and ridiculous kitchen heirachy.

Also, there was not enough instant coffee so I made some chai, only there wasn't enough of that either so I put the rest of the instant coffee into the chai. It seemed like a good idea at the time. It's weird. I don't recommend it.

Right, I got me some chef stabbin' to do.


Zoomfreaky said...

Mmmm know the feeling. Archiving other peoples shit, is my nightmare from hell. Seem to do a lot of that lately. But luckely I have a boss I can drag of his chair and throw ball with in my office the size of a baseball field. Pffffff what a relief.

Quick said...

I had a dream about my last job (a good one I'd grown out of). Dreamt I was back there and I was stuffing everything up and in the dream I couldn't believe I'd gone back to it, especially without asking for a pay rise. I felt awful, but then, still inside the dream I went wait a minute, this is just a dream, isn't it. That was a relief.